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Striking Feature Description of GroupWise Contacts Converter:

GroupWise contacts conversion

Export to Default Outlook Profile

GroupWise contacts converter forwards all NAB contacts to Default Outlook Profile i.e. sync with already existing PST file. It gives a default preview in pre configured Outlook Profile; now easily convert GroupWise to PST file.

Import from GroupWise to android or apple address book

Export to Outlook PST File

Directly shift from GroupWise to PST, GroupWise to PST contacts converter tool creates a new PST file while shifting Novell Address Book. User can import that individual MS Outlook PST. Create new PST by GroupWise to PST converter utility.

GroupWise to Exchange Server contacts coversion

GroupWise to Exchange Serverconnect to gmail,yahoomail,zimbra &windows mail

GroupWise contacts converter converts Novell address book to Outlook PST. Import this converted Outlook PST into Exchange Server via eXmerge (free utility by Microsoft). Get 24 hr support to convert GroupWise to Exchange Server.

GroupWise to  Outlook 2010/2007/2003/2002/1997 conversion

Export to vCard Contactsconvert GroupWsie contacts to MS Outlook PST files

Get the superior functionality of vCard only by GroupWise contacts converter program. Covert GroupWise contacts to VCF format and import the universal VCF file to device: iPhone, blackberry, iPod, iTunes, nokia, phone, palm, htc, Samsung etc, Macbook, Macmail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Windows Address Book, Zimbra, Salesforce, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live.

Convert GroupWise to Outlook PST ANSI or Unicode

Precise Group Contacts ConversionBe confident during transfer of GroupWise contacts to PST; convert GroupWise to PST securely.

Distribution lists are reserved while GroupWise to PST conversion takes place. All group contacts in GroupWise are precisely transferred to PST and relative distribution lists are maintained in converting GroupWise to PST file.

shift GroupWise contacts to thunderbird &windows address book

Reserved Metadata Details

Accurately uploads complete contacts information, zero redundant shift of Novell Address book to Outlook address book. Excellently convert GroupWise contacts to PST by using GroupWise contacts converter. Meta data info like image, multiple email id, contacts, category & specific details are preserved.

 Export GroupWise contacts to vCard

Diversity in vCard Versions

Multiple versions of vCard like: vCard 2.1 and vCard 3.0 are automatically supported. MS Outlook ANSI & Unicode format are seamlessly supported. Don’t be scared to convert GroupWise to PST. vCard format is the universal format.

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GroupWise contacts converter to convert to Outlook PST or vcf download free GroupWise contacts converter to Outlook

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