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Why to Opt for This Merge PST Software?

Use merge PST software to unite Outlook PST files

Merge and Split – Dual Utility!

Combine multiple Outlook PST file into one large single PST for fast management & also Split the heavy bulked Outlook PST into various Outlook PST. Splitting is done by setting a date range & then append by using PST merge tool.

PST merge tool to append emails, task, to-do lists & journals

Merge Multiple PST Files – Diffused gets fused!

Uniting the numerous tiny fragmented Outlook PST files to one big Outlook PST file is done by PST merge tool.  Either merge 2 PST files or merge multiple PST files; attach all Outlook PST file by PST merge software.

MS Outlook 2010,Outlook 2007,Outlook 2003/2002 support

Effortless Duplicate Management!merge Outlook PST together

All the duplicate mails are automatically eliminated only a single copy of all duplicate mails is kept while merging 2 or multiple Outlook PST files. Easy to join duplicate MS Outlook PST file by merge PST software. 

append multiple Outlook PST

Split Only – Trim down Bulk!merge/split archive files, emails file &mailboxes

Set a split range (25 years) to cut oversized Outlook PST file. Option to Split initial PST where a single merged PST is created of specified year range & Split Yearly PST yields yearly PST files of Specific range is availed only by merge PST software.  

merge PST software to cut &merge Outlook PST

All Rounder Performance!merge microsoft Outlook PST files using Merge Outlook PST program

Merge 2 or multiple PST file like emails, contacts, journals, to-do lists, appointments, distribution lists, address books & also option to combine data file, archive file, personal folder files, backup file and mailbox files via merge multiple PST tool.

megre distribution lists &all PST items

Personal/Default Folder Mapping!

Merge PST software avails to map personal folders accurately with corresponding names and all the default folder/PST items like inbox, outbox, deleted, sent and drafts folder are mapped during multiple merge of Outlook PST files.

split yearly acc to range &merge

Overview- Difference & Comparison Sheets!merge multiple files altogether easily

The complicated/large attachments/encrypted files if not appended then their list is shown in Difference/ Comparison sheet. Check the remaining PST file to merge & merge these multiple PST or 2 PST file by PST merge software.

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